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·  Oaxaca Pottery: THE CANNIBAL HOT TUB — and DLair.Com: our friends in Taxco

·  Terra Experience: — Huipiles retail-online in US, also fine Mayaland picture gallery — via google: huipiles — also (new subject) see google: Taxco silver

·  Inuit Gallery of Vancouver — beautiful-expensive contempory Inuit art

·  We'Wha: The Zuni Man-Woman — and links to notes on Zuni 'berdaches'

·  The Zuni Mission Murals — via Google

·  Looting of Native American Sites on the Increase — and google 4 more

·  Chumash Painted Cave — and RockArt sites (via Google)

·  Aboriginal Arts and Culture links — and Images of the Southwest - via Finding Images Online via Pictures On The Web via Google

·  Looting American History — (page halfway down) - about stealing Indian artifacts. Also see SLEEPING CIRCLES, about Hia-Ced O'odham culture.

·  DQ University — via the usual Google search

·  Cowgirl & Indian pinups — Marginal but fun — via google

·  Then thar's the Quartzite gem show — do some googling for Quartzite

·  Santa Fe's Indian Market ROCKS! — and go googling for Indian Market and Indian arts and Indian pottery and Kokopeli pics

·  Papago Indians Are From India! — And Kokopeli Is A Hindu Deity! Right...

·  California Cave-Painting Dilemma — & google for petroglyphs, rock art, cave art

·  Well, it IS southWestern — real steer skull embedded with hunks of turquoise not really Native American, but it's ours...

·  Dalawepi pot for sale — my first attempt on eBay - and search Google

·  YOSEMITE OR BUST! — Wherein we handle many indian pots and buy a couple.

·  Nampeyo Pottery showcase — via Google search. Also, search GOOGLE for FROGWOMAN and HOPI-TEWA and HOPI POTTERY.

·  Search eBay for INDIAN POTTERY — and search for INDIAN JEWELRY too.

·  PowWows.Com — and PowWow photos (via Google search)

·  NativeWeb Pottery — Indigenous technology worldwide (via Cowboys And Indians)

·  Indian Pottery Glossary — Also see Pueblo Pottery Terms.

·  Cowboy Culture — Vaqueros! ain't exactly what you may expect. (via Google search)

·  CanyonArt — sells Acoma pottery, among other good stuff.

·  California Indian Museum & Cultural Center — Just around the corner from me, almost. Also nearby are Ya-Ka-Ama and the Jesse Peter Museum.

·  News From Native California — Calendar of events -- and see their links page.

·  Traditional Acoma Pottery — A fine illustrated tribute to the late Rose Chino Garcia, superb potter from the Sky City. (via Google search)

·  The Maria Martinez collection — Great stuff, expensive! (via Yahoo ceramics via CeramicsWeb via Internet Public Library). And try a Google search.

·  Accessible, ornate Oaxaca — The home of the late potter Doρa Rosa is on the standard tour schedule. (via Google search)

·  Some South/Western links — at the Harry Oliver site Gotta start somewhere, eh?


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